We won’t tell you how good ads are made — we’ll only give some quotes we consider crucial for our work.

In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal.
William Bernbach

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.
David Ogilvy

If you insist on being different just for the sake of being different, you can always come down in the morning with a sock in your mouth.
Leo Burnett

Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.
William Bernbach


No matter what order you chose for the above listed quotes of the advertisement father founders, their meaning is plain: difference and ads must serve your business for the best sales of goods, services, or your brand. This ads may cause many opposite opinions and emotions, but that also is a key to successful merchandising.

In case our ideas match your goals — you’re our potential client and long-term partner.

You present

  • the object of the advertisement (image, goods or services)
  •  conceptual vision of its merchandisin
  •  merchandising newsmaker;
  • technical demands and terms.

Our solutions:

  •  coordination of artistic and technical demands with the client, according to the target group we want to cover;
  •  artistic concept of the video;
  • scriptwriting and genre;
  • director’s copywriting of video image;
  • coordination of future filming sights;
  • actors casting A+ (from beginners to popular actors);
  • production;
  • post-production: editing, dubbing and soundtracks;
  • presenting the final result.

Terms, costs, workplan and technical requirements are coordinated during negotiations and confirmed when signing the contract.

We will offer you the best price tailored to your aspirations and means.

“Echo Media” Centre of TV Production And Media Services performs a full cycle of advertising media content production (text, video, audio, infographics, 3D-graphics, photoimage, interactivity).

We create such advertising products as:

  •  image-building ads;
  • presentational ads;
  • presentational and educational movies;
  • educational and interactive programs and video seminars;
  • filming conferences, seminars and trainings;
  •  internet video ads of all types (commodity ads, virus videos, etc.);
  • documentaries and industrial films;
  • corporate feature films.



Can you remember how many times you’ve been happy in your life? You’re hardly able to do that at once, for those are rare moments of happiness, almost faint.

And how important it is to remember them, sort of document them. Of course, taking a camera or even a cellphone with you is not a problem, but home video, as a rule, always has some important moments missing, and these moments are the documented moments of happiness. And we enjoy “catching” those moments, for that is what’s called Creativity.

There are no patterns; always a new look and individual approach.

We offer:

  • filming your events (interview, photo and video);
  •  wedding photography and videos (including interviews and “Love story” clip);
  • filming important family events  (interview, photo and video);
  • filming trips;
  • themed documentaries for individual clients;
  • biographic movies.


Our work is not limited to video production only. The Centre provides services of producing the high-quality texts on different topics and fields. Our journalists have a great experience of working for both print and electronic issues of different focus, know many languages, write texts of different degrees of complexity quickly and competently. They can make an interview, a high-quality report, analytics or informational material of various genres and orientations.

“Echo Media” Centre also generates different types of text ads and advance sheets for both Ukrainian and foreign audience. Our product is one of the most competitive and high-quality in the Ukrainian media sphere.