TV-programmes are separate branch of modern TV-industry, and the most popular genre forming the basis of broadcast for both central and local TV-channels. Of the vast variety of TV-programmes, several types can be pinpointed, such as entertainment, news, educational, kids’, talk-shows and interviews. A team of scriptwriters, directors, operators, makeup artists, editors  works on any of that types of programmes, and a variety of technical means is used. “Echo Media” Centre of TV Production And Media Services has every opportunity for filming any of the above-listed shows.

We offer production of:

  • reality-shows and talk-shows;
  • entertainment programmes;
  • news digests;
  • sports programmes;
  • children’s programmes;
  • educational programmes.



The surveys show that more than 36% of respondents watch documentaries on a regular basis. They explain their preferences by the reason that such historical and scientific documentaries are “the most accessible well of knowledge, along with books and encyclopedias”.

We enjoy working in the documentary genre.

Our greatest interest lies in means of human’s self-actualisation and understanding their life. Every topic is viewed from different perspectives, namely from historical perspective, modern science, Holy Scriptures of world’s three main monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The project is unique for its approach: each series depicts one topic and develops the depths of common things familiar for everyone since early childhood, but still their knowledge is superficial.

These topics are “Fastings: the aspects of self-limitation”, “Family Tree”, “Marriage”, “Money”, “Birth”, “Death”, “Soul”, “Life”, “Body”.

We are also working on other documentaries at the moment, including:

  • research documentaries with production elements;
  • screen experiments;
  • historical documentaries with costumed reconstruction.

We are always open for cooperation with TV-companies and production studios at any stage. We are open for fresh ideas and creating a high-quality documentaries.



Creating a masterpiece of fiction filmmaking is every company’s dream.

“Echo Media” Centre of TV Production And Media Services team has experience of creating TV-movies and series. We have a portfolio of standard offers and projects.

But we also have a big dream we move towards step by step, which is creating a scaled historical documentary called “Paratihion”. Its script got high estimation of international movie experts.

Historical adventure movie “Paratihion” depicts the events of 1427-1462, the historical period not very familiar to the modern audience. The plot is built around the personality of a mysterious Rus man with the strange double name Nestor-Iskander, who wrote the “Take of Constantinople contest by Turks”.

“Echo Media” Centre of TV Production And Media Services is looking for responsible and talented partners to share our dream and implement that interesting project.